Does your dog have to rehabilitate after surgery?
Does your dog have joint problems or obesity?
Does your dog have anxiety or depression?
Is your dog destructive or aggressive?
Do you want to keep your dog fit and vital? 

If yes to any of these questions then we’re here to help.  Obesity in dogs leads to several other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disease.  Most dogs don’t get the required exercise each day and that’s why we created Dog Dash.  Dog Dash isn’t here to replace your daily walks, we are in addition to your weekly routine.

All dogs are different and learn at different speeds.  Some dogs will take to walking/running right away while others may only sit or stand on the treadmill.  It may take 1-3 sessions before your dog is completely comfortable on the treadmill.  

Here’s Macy and her progress over 3 sessions: https://youtu.be/zglUajCiRO0

All sessions are up to 30 minutes. Some sessions may be shorter if dogs have a medical or physical condition that prevents them from the full 30 minutes. Bookings will be on the hour to accommodate traffic and setup.

We offer discounts for multiple sessions per week.  Prices are found here.

Most people schedule once or twice a week. In the cold winter months and hot summer months a few clients will increase to twice or three times a week as it’s more difficult to get outside during those times.

We do travel outside the perimeter. 

These areas are covered at no additional charge:
     West St. Paul
     East St. Paul
     Town of Birds Hill
     St. Norbert
     Parc La Salle
     Richmond Lakes

These areas we travel to with an additional $10 Travel Charge:
     Oak Bluff
     St Andrews

If you live in a community that’s not listed here and want to book please email us info@dogdash.ca for options.

Our van is capable of running 3 dogs at once (depending on size). We will only run dogs that live together. If the additional dog(s) cannot be run at the same time due to size/temperament an additional 30 minutes will be required and accrue an additional charge.

We generally book runs a few days before or scheduled the same day and time for the month. Appointment windows are 1 hour to accommodate traffic and setup. You will receive a text message when we are on our way. If this is your first run you will receive an electronic liability form to sign. The waiver form will need to be signed before the appointment is confirmed.  If you wish to fill it out now, please click here.

To prepare your dog: Ensure your dogs nails are trimmed.  We ask that all feedings are handled at least 2 hours before the run and that they have gone potty prior to our arrival. If your dog has a harness please put them in it, if you do not have a harness we will provide one. Put them on the leash and we will come to your door and take them to the van.

All sessions are supervised; the trainer will be with your dog the entire session. Our goal is to ensure that your dog has a fun and safe workout, customized to their needs. Once your dog is on the treadmill we will encourage them to start moving.

The benefit with our treadmills is that they are self propelled with no motor so your dog is always in control of the speed they move at. Once they are moving we will encourage them with positive reinforcement with toys, cheering, love and affection. We will closely monitor them and stop if needed for water breaks. You are welcome to join us during the session or enjoy some quiet time at home, it’s up to you.

Your dog will most likely be sprawled out on the floor after the session or find a quiet place to lie down. Some dogs will get the “zoomies” for a short period of time then settle down. 

We recommend not feed them right away and only give them cool water. For unconditioned dogs that are not used to running we would suggest that you give their legs a nice massage to help prevent discomfort for the following days.

Dog Sleeping

Our high performance dog treadmills have high speed bearings to allow for fast and smooth rolling, no matter the dogs weight.

Composite treds that allow paw traction even when wet. They also absorb impact to prevent undesired pressure on the joints.

Non motorized which means the dog is always in control of the speed they are moving at. Since they are self propelled the dog will get the benefit of a more intense workout.

Safety walls and ropes to prevent the dog moving too far behind or forward.

Speedometer & Distance tracker so we can monitor your dogs progress throughout the sessions.

These treadmills are used by different kennels, rehabilitations centres, veterinarians, trainers of police and army dogs.

We accept Cash, E-Transfers, Interac Debit and all major Credit Cards.  

We can send an invoice prior to your Dog Dash or pay after the session.

To prepay for sessions please email us at info@dogdash.ca